Alican Inal is an architect and an urban planner based both in London and Istanbul. He is an MArch UD candidate at The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL and completed his bachelor’s studies at Istanbul Technical University with a double major degree from Architecture and Urban Planning.

Alican’s work focuses on computational and cognitive gaps between architecture and urbanism, while be fed by a wide range of disciplines from sociology to graphic design. He participated into numerous competitions and rewarded in many of them and involved in quite a few workshops both as a participant and as a tutor. He is also a project coordinator at Architecture for All and an independent designer/researcher.

2012 Gunduz Ozdes Graduation Project Award, ITU

1st Prize | 2014 | Arched Student Projects Competition, Association of Architectural Education

1st Prize | 2014 | Critical Readings in Architecture, Architects’ Association 1927

3rd Prize | 2012 | Graduation Projects Competition, Chamber of Urban Planner

1st Prize | 2012 | Urban Implant+ Competition, 1st Istanbul Design Biennial [with Caglar Yilmaz]

Jury’s Special Prize | 2012 | Arched Student Projects Competition, Association of Architectural Education

2nd Prize | 2011 | Arched Student Projects Competition, Association of Architectural Education

3rd Prize | 2011 | New Ideas on Housing, Chamber of Architects [with İdil Yücel, Damla Turan]

Jury’s Special Prize | 2011 | Kadıköy Pier Competition, Chamber of Architects [with İdil Yücel]

2nd Prize | 2010 | Eco-City Design Competition, Turkish Ministry of Forest [with İdil Yücel, Damla Turan, Erhan Kecebasoglu]

Purchasing Prize | 2010 | Karaköy Pier Competition, Chamber of Architects [with İdil Yücel, Ilgın Kulekci]

2nd Prize | 2009 | Earthquake Awareness Poster Competition, Camber of Architects

1st Prize | 2008 | Post-It Design Competition, 3M

2015 | Freak, Spectacle, Architecture | Istanbul Modern

The workshop was design with Ogul Öztunç as a side project to the “Caution, Slippery Ground” exhibition curated by Yelta Köm. The aim of the workshop is to criticise the contemporary approaches on architecture. By using conven- tional architectural communication technics, participants were asked to design projects throught these extraordinary briefs.

2014 | Designing Imaginary Cubes Workshop | TEGV

Within a collaboration between Herkes Için Mimarlik and TEGV, we sustained a series of workshops with pre-school children who were actively present in the education units of TEGV, which are distributed all over Turkey. The main purpose of the workshops were to determine the vision of the children about the places that they were being educated. So, we wanted from them to imagine their own education places by drawing and making models.

2013 | Illumination Design Workshop | Illumination Faire ’13 Istanbul

Within a space in the Illumination Faire ‘13 take place in Istanbul, We constructed a workshop for university students. The workshop was based on creating different designs for lamps and illumination devices with specific elements. Metal pipes, connection devices, bulbs, cables and working tools were given to the participants to design their own illumination device.

2013 | Recycle Workshop | YTU

The workshop envisioned to create practical and theoretical productions about recycling issue in 5 days. Throught the 5 day workshop period, we encouraged the participants to experience the recycled materials and to form them into new foundations.

2013 | EASA ’13 Accordion | Zuzemberk, Slovenia

EASA – European Architecture Students Assembly is an annual workshop series taking place in a different city in Europe since 1981. On 2013 it was organized in Zuzemberk, Slovenia, with the theme “Reaction”. I attended to the workshop, “Accordion”, which is dealing with handicraft fabrication of flexible wood structures.

2012 | Micro Proportioning | YTU

A workshop tutored by Emily White, an Alumni of SCI-ARC, which is based on experimenting 3D modeling in Rhinoceros and fabricating the design with variety of soft, hard, still and flexible materials.

2012 | Route Mapping Workshop | ITU

A one-day workshop tutored by Semra Aydinli with the students from ITU and Wentworth Institute of Architecture (Boston). It was based on field-studies in the historical peninsula of Istanbul and producing mapping studies based on the routes and layers of the peninsula.